Unravelling The Search Behavior Of Our Customers — Sander Volbeda | Conversion (CRO) Specialist

The Problem Of Search Behavior Of Our Customers

Discovery Of Search Behaviors Of CRO tool

  1. Category — Example: pricing or reviews
  2. On the psychological theory itself
  3. Author of a theory
  4. Type of website — Example: eCommerce or SaaS
  5. Type of page — Example: Check-out or Landing page
  6. Industry — Example: finance or healthcare
  7. Related words to find something they can’t remember directly

Exploring Opportunities For Search Engine

How Do People Use Search Engines?

What Is The Difference Between A Category And A Tag?

Design-wise solution

  1. Add more content to the psychological theories The more content there is, the easier it is to match the search input from the users.
  2. Create multiple and understandable categories Our current categories are understandable for experts, less for beginners. We need to adjust the way we speak to our users. Also, we need to step up the categories game, one theory can have multiple categories. The primary category should be the type of psychology, for example, social biases, while the subcategory might be the type of website if can be used for, for example, e-commerce or SaaS (Software as a Service).
  3. Add tags to the psychological theories We should start using tags in a way that connects different theories together, but not necessarily from the same category. Tags that will work out is the type of situation it’s used in, examples for this could be pricing, social proof, authority etc.
  4. Overlapping theories (Optional) Our users really seemed to enjoy this part, it gives you access to new insights which might be related to the things they are searching for.
  5. Author of the theory (Optional) This is the person that discovered the psychological theory. You might like certain findings of one person so that you want to find more about it.

Search Results Priorities In The Search Engine

Indexed By Search Engine

  1. Title of the theory
  2. Content about theory
  3. Examples on how to use the theory
  4. Hypothesis example
  5. Tags
  6. Author
  7. Books
  8. Sources

Prioritize The Different Types Of Content

Misspelt words


A Designer that is doing the best he can to create awesome work by working hard and inspire other people. https://sandervolbeda.com

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Sander Volbeda

Sander Volbeda

A Designer that is doing the best he can to create awesome work by working hard and inspire other people. https://sandervolbeda.com

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