How do I add Hotjar to my WordPress website? Sander Volbeda

How to add Hotjar to my WordPress website? There are several methods to do this. Let’s discuss two of them, via plugin or hardcoded. I would normally add Hotjar to a website using Google Tag Manager, but there is a way much easier for WordPress! I’ve also added another option on how to get the tracking code in case you might want to add it hardcoded — but this is more advanced and there are multiple ways to add the tracking code to the website manually.

You can use a WordPress plugin or add the tracking code to your website (don’t do both, just choose one because otherwise, it will not work properly).

1. WordPress plugin

Step 1: Download the Hotjar plugin

Step 2: Hotjar WordPress Settings

Step 3: Login Hotjar

Step 4: Hotjar settings

Step 5: Unique 7-digit code

Step 6: Unique code in WordPress

Step 7: Tracking Code

Step 8: Checking that Hotjar is working

P.S: you can also get a new page with a piece of code, then click Verify Installation and you will get the step above.

2. Add Hotjar Tracking Code Hardcoded To Your WordPress Website

Step 1: Login Hotjar

Step 2: Hotjar settings

Step 3: Tracking Code button

Step 4: Installation code

Step 5: Verifying that Hotjar is working

Summary of ‘How to add Hotjar to my WordPress website?’

Hopefully, this was easy for you, if you can’t figure it out hit me up on any of my socials or by mail.

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